About Us

Lemaitre Taxperience is a nationwide active tax boutique firm based in Munich. Key to our firm's approach is the focus on the wishes and desires of each client, and a proficiency in translating those wishes into quality tax products. High service, efficiency and direct lines of communication are, of course, indispensable to our firm's mission. But we offer more: Our advice is convincing and gives clients direction and is followed up by constructive support during the implementation process. In addition, we also provide tax compliance and accounting services at a fair price/performance ratio. This full-tax-service approach is the logical consequence of our advisory concept which is based on the idea that a tax project is not completed until it is successfully implemented, actually lived in practice by the client and the final tax audit of the client has been weathered. In rendering our service, we do not favor international corporations, new businesses or individual tax payers. To Lemaitre Taxperience, each client is a 'preferred customer'.

Lemaitre Taxperience has long-standing ties to selected tax boutiques outside Germany (best friends' network). In addition to this network we are member firm of the Tax Planet network, an international network of tax boutiques in 37 countries.

As a specialist provider of tax and accounting services, we are duly aware of our limitations. Lemaitre Taxperience does not, for example, engage in audit work or provide legal advice. To help our clients with questions or problems in those fields, the firm works together with a range of providers of non-tax services, including auditors, lawyers, advisors, HR and subsidy consultants, and asset managers. We act solely as a liaison office in this regard. Furthermore, we work frequently (disclosed and/or non-disclosed) as a provider for complementary service in tax (and accounting) for law firms which do not provide such services. In addition we serve as outsourced tax department of listed and non-listed companies.

WORLD TAX 2013 by INTERNATIONAL TAX REVIEW ranks our firm as being among the top 40 tax firms and the top 19 niche tax firms in Germany.